A passionate man is the one thing that comes to mind when I think about Richard. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Richard during few sessions, during which I learned more about myself and more about how to cope with important (personal) decisions than with any other coaching approach. Above all, I was impressed with Richard’s ability to listen, understand and eventually inspire. And, of course, his sport expertise is an asset greatly appreciated, especially in a world where continuous performance & excellence is expected. Richard would be a true asset for any company, team or individual on the move and comes with my heartfelt recommendation.

Louis – March 2018

Thank you Richard for all our work and the sessions together. You helped me in so many ways. Not only for my football but also for my way of handling with my life. Many thanks, Kevin.

November 2016

The Bowen Technique with Sports people

As a high level amateur golfer, I was looking for techniques enabling me to connect with myself. Linking my body and mind has always been a barrier at generating self-confidence. The Bowen approach helped me realising the interaction between the two. Since then the learning process has been constantly fruitful.

En tant que personne, je ressentais l’energie générée par mon corps. Cependant je n’arrivais pas à la canaliser dans le bon sens. La techinque Bowen a boulversée une croyance intrinsèque; il n’était pas question de contenir cette vitalité mais plutôt de lui laisser exercer sa vertue.

24th August 2016


Richard is 100% client-oriented, i.e. all is centered around his client and his or her capabilities, needs and wishes. The exercises are tailored to the specific issues as well to the personality of each client (body and mind). The programmes are highly flexible. Appointments are possible at a time and place, convenient to the client, including the composition of the group. For each issue, a wide variety of exercises is proposed: never a dull moment.

The overall approach is realistic. A senior is different from a youngster which is reflected in the sessions. Thank you, Richard.

J & AM


5 thoughts on “Testimonials

  1. Richard is an excellent Bowen practitioner. His technique is targeted and applied to resolve the underlying issues which cause the symptoms. Richard has helped me greatly with my pain and movement reducing the time to recover from the injury.

    I would recommend Richard to anyone for rapid relief and longer term physical health and wellbeing.


  2. I’m an osteopath and at times I too just feel the tensions mount up but before I get stuck I make an appointment with Richard. The physical results are usually instantaneous and always goes hand in hand with a clarity of mind, centredness and lightness that I seek and for which I keep returning to Richard. His no-nonesense direct to the point attitude is really commendable and beneficial.

  3. Our teenage daughter had been suffering with unexplained pain in both her muscles and joints. Richard’s gentle approach put her at ease and over a series of sessions the pain diminished greatly. I would definitely recommend booking a session with Richard to see how he can help you.

  4. Mister Kelly is the best physical coach I have ever met in sports.
    Great experience. Top professional.

  5. The Bowen sessions with Richard have been amazing in the sense that I’ve felt/feel light and happier than I’ve felt in a very long time. It feels like a new beginning of something … ? Not sure what that is, but it feels intriguing and I don’t really need to know. The last year I’ve felt complete in the sense that I don’t need to do more to be more loveable, efficient, good enough. Above all I don’t need to PROVE anything to anybody! If I’m asked to do anything I feel I can do it regardless of experience.
    Richard is very intuitive as to what I need from each Bowen session. He allows the body to do the work as and when, and above all he isn’t pushing you/the body if you’re not ready. That makes him very professional and safe to work with.
    If you don’t feel like talking before or after the session that is accepted as well. For me it was important to get out of the head and let the body do the talking. For that reason I believe I was able to go deeper and gain more clarity around my issues.
    A huge thank you Richard and Bowen!!!

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