Basically, you are your own best bet, worst enemy and wise teacher rolled into one. This is where you discover how to access more of that wisdom and less of the junk.

You start to see how this invisible variable is at work at all times during & making of your life being harder or easier; unbearable or enjoyable: drab or thrilling. 

You will see the implications of this with problem solving, resilience in the face of personal difficulty, helping others thrive, finding joy for life, building relationships and a fulfilling.

Who is this FOR..

#Change Makers

Facilitator – Consensus Based Dialogues 

For the facilitating part, I am working on the approach called “Consensus Based Dialogues”. I am working in the Business and Organizational sectors with this approach.

In a nutshell the concept is based around techniques that you can use to bring diverse groups of stakeholders together to engage in shared learning and decision making. These tools are only applicable to the collaborate and empower levels of public participation.

“Consensus building is a process and cannot be done quickly. In general, any consensus-building effort requires a consistent set of participants who work together over the duration of the process. It is important for the participants to work and learn together, developing the relationships essential to reaching agreement. This is not possible if participation is not stable. Consensus-building in low-trust situations will take even longer as participants must first develop the trust needed to work together constructively, which is a precursor to reaching agreement.”

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