Sports & Rehab Therapy

Relieve, Recover & Rehabilitate

Helping you Relieve pain, Recover you from injury, Rehabilitate you back to your Personal Best!


Being a Sports Therapists I specialize in muscular-skeletal injuries and rehabilitation. I work in helping to reduce pain or with chronic health conditions. I also work in prevention injuries and getting you back to your optimal fitness quickly.

Depending on your condition I will enable you to get a deeper understanding of healing, fatigue and /or pain, which will lead to you spending more time in a healing state; this will allow your body to heal and recover.

My approaches are partly based on my training as a Sports Therapist and a Physical Trainer. I combine this specific fitness training in allowing people to have more mobility, stability which leads to people to reducing their symptoms or pain.

A key element in my work is a powerful perceptive of well-being and resilience, which enable people to feel more at ease, quick to recover and less stressed. improved physical well-being feel happier, more comfortable in your own body and have greater self-esteem have less time feeling down, anxious or disconnected be more resilient, and able to solve your own problems improve your relationships, communication and enjoy life again.

I provide my clients with the best service possible.

Injury prevention – added value balancing the body to create the space for the body… 

This includes private 1-2-1, agility work and Sports specific & Rehabilitation

  • Introduction session is created to give those who are not familiar or comfortable.
  • Training programs if required.

Every session that I provide, will be planned out before hand by me writing « work-out cards » on what we have done during that session and keep it for something for us to look back on once we have completed the package you purchased.

I have many packages to offer to my clients.

Contact Me, for all information and get a quotation.

All prices differ, they will be reliant on frequency, commitment and the type of training you acquire.

Bowen Technique

Simply stated, the Bowen Technique asks to reset the body to heal itself”.

The experience with Bowen demonstrates its benefit for “people of all ages”:  from newborn and children to elderly!

Although it is a “tool for treating ailments and injuries”, many healthy people come to maintain balance and their well-being.

If you have any sports injuries, accidents or general problems, it has been found that the Bowen Technique is very helpful as a remedial therapy during your recovery. It improves the rehabilitation time, in getting back to sport and/or daily life!





Total Body Modification

T.B.M. is able to evaluate, reset and re-balance internal organs and most of the known body functions by stimulating reflex points located along the spine which will correct imbalances of functional physiology.

T.B.M. is an alternative therapy without medication.


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