The services that I offer can be defined into three broad categories:

  • Performance Coaching– helping you to lead the life that you want with autonomy.
  • Consultant – You will see the implications of this with problem solving, resilience in the face of personal difficulty.
  • Sports & Rehab Therapy– Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation (all types of injuries) – General fitness, Golf Fitness, 90 Day Plan, Spikey Ball training and others.

Booking & Fees

  • How to book – for courses, treatments and training just drop me an email or call me on +32475 222 152
  • Fees – there are individual price and various packages available for you in coaching, sports & rehab therapy and fitness or “get in touch” with me to discuss a personalized plan.
  • A GIFT Card for Coaching – 60 mins FREE –

Call me on +32475 222 152 to arrange a date and time.

For further information on costs and packages, please click below to contact me.

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