Coaching Gift Card


I would like to offer you a Coaching Gift Card. If, at any time in the next 6 months you’d like a powerful coaching conversation, reach out and we’ll put one on the calendar.

It’s worth noting, that coaching is powerful when you have a problem or challenge to handle. But coaching doesn’t have to be remedial.

The most powerful coaching conversations I have ever had with a client have been when they come to me with a big dream or they show up and say, “I have no idea what to talk about today!’

This is where we can create something magical!
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Hello everyone,

How can I help you?

I give you an external vision of a situation that is already there every day in your reality but it has been invisible to you until now. Through active listening and the use of a simple mental approach, I will help you obtain greater clarity, sense of purpose and a clearer understanding of who you are.

Through working with me, you learn to find your own way forward and to live your life with ease and well-being I am results focused and my commitment is about helping my clients in the most effective way I can.

From my know-how there are explanations behind why some people are happy, resilient and successful or are able to heal physically, this understanding will help you achieve the same things.

Are you interested in learning to overcome challenges and create the life you want?



Two FREE workshops in One…

TWO FREE workshops in ONE on the 3rd of May, from 18:30pm, in Brussels at Cow Brussels

Richard (Bowen Therapist & Mental Coach) and Luisa (Inter-dimensional Metaphysical Healer) are welcoming you to their workshops on “Bowen and Intuition”, there will be TWO FREE workshops in ONE on the 3rd of May :

Richard’s workshop is on the Bowen Therapy, he says “Did you know that the Bowen Therapy is excellent for helping you with your neck, back, and general pain while at the same time re-balancing your body.” This workshop is for the general public and for health practitioners (Health practitioners, physiotherapists, osteopaths, coaches…) who want to know more about this great therapy.”

Richard will also explain more about the Bowen therapy course which is scheduled to start in September/October 2018 with Jacqui Hoitingh. Further information ( on Facebook – Bowen Association (UK)

Luisa’s workshop is about Intuition, she says “Can you use your Intuition further in a way to get better results with your life ? Well, this workshop can help you do just that! And you go away with a bag of tools you can use every day.”

These TWO FREE introduction workshops will benefit everyone who comes along.

To register contact Richard send an email to or GSM 0032 475 222 152

The workshops are FREE (we will ask 2 euro for tea/coffee) for all who attend on the 3rd of May from 18hr30 until 20hr30 at COW Brussels, 1, rue de l’Hospice Communal, 1170 Brussels, Belgium

Workshop on – Resilient Insightful Leadership: Designing the Future.

This event is being held on the 27th of February 2018, in Brussels

Come and join us : get tickets HERE

Watch the latest videos

Video 1 : Part 1 of 4 in which Richard and I introduce the ideas on resilient insightful leadership we’re gonna be exploring in depth in our talk at COW

Video 2: Part 2: On innate creativity and insights

Video 3: Part 3 on how a deeper understanding of your own psychological functioning leads to easier and greater results in business and life.