Resilient Insightful Leadership: Designing the Future

Workshop Photo Jan 2018

How can we as leaders (re)design our businesses in a way that is sustainable in a fast changing world?

How can we stay relevant in a world of uncertainty? 

Is it possible to lead in an agile resilient way without losing track of results? 

In this introductionary presentation we’re going to dive into the #1 key variable which allows you to become a more resilient agile leader. A leader who can confidently set out his/her vision, rallie your employees or teammembers behind it and is able to improve the overall culture of the workplace.

This presentation is ideal for business leaders who are looking for:

  • More clarity of thought
  • Better and insightful desicion making
  • Greater influence and impact
  • Improvement of creativity, focus & productivity
  • Prevention of burnout

Reserve your place before the 22nd January 2018

Office Brussels
l’Hospice, Gemeentelijke Godshuisstraat 1
1170 Brussel

Tuesday, January 23, 2018 from 7:00 PM to 10:30 PM (CET), Brussels, Belgium