“Live A Conscious Life One-day Workshop” – only one place left

Topics we will explore

  • Dreams, desires and aspiration:€“ What do you really want? What holds you back? Whose reality are you living? Is it possible, or even desirable to achieve all of our dreams? How does this work with our soul’s purpose for being here?

  • Stress and the mind body connection: What you think, what you believe, what you feel and your old programmed conditioning can affect your physical health. Your body manifests what you believe and your emotional state. Is your body a friend or foe? How you deal with stress creates a cascade of biochemical changes in the body that create excellent health or dis-ease. At a soul level you may have chosen a strong physical body or one that is more sensitive. How do you nurture the body you have so it serves you for a full life time?

We will use some of the tools, techniques and inner journeys as set out below:

  • Bring an issue to explore:€“ Bring an issue, a pattern that you can’t seem to change, and I will take you down down through all the layers, starting with the conscious thinking, getting down to the unconscious beliefs and hot buttons that drive your behaviours. We do this through talking and inner journeys.

  • Artwork:€“ I will provide art paper, crayons and pencils to help you see yourselves more clearly

Inner journeys (guided meditations)

  • Following your path: As we work with dreams, desires, soul’s purpose and aspiration, you may discover your true path through life on an inner journey.

  • Inner child: The work we do may be bring up all sorts of memories and patterns ready to be released. I propose inner journeys to heal the inner child

  • Fear the final frontier: Going deeper into fear and releasing its hold over you. Heal the past.

  • Whatever comes up: We will do an inner journey to make friends with it and then release it.

  • Divine guidance:€“ We will continue to ask for guidance from our unseen helpers

Please contact Carolyn MOODY, Dip ION 

Live a Conscious Life Coach, Nutritionist and Holistic Health practitioner
Email: carolyn.moody@liveaconsciouslife.net